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Adoption of Carbon Credit Programs among SFI Participants in Maine

Keeping Maine’s Forests (KMF) collaborated with Maine’s Implementation Committee of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) to undertake a study of Maine’s SFI-certified landowners’ participation in carbon credit programs. Forest lands must be certified as sustainably managed in order to be eligible for the California carbon credit market, and millions of acres of Maine’s commercial forest lands are enrolled in the SFI program, yet none has enrolled in potentially lucrative carbon credit programs. The KMF study enlists the expertise of a panel of advisors from the University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute, Maine land managers and forestry experts, and a professional carbon project developer to find out why.

What is Keeping Maine's Forest?

Maine has the largest unfragmented temperate broadleaf and mixed forest of any state in the nation, and one of the best examples of this type of ecosystem in the entire world.  Ninety-four percent of this resource has been privately owned and managed for centuries, with forest products contributing more to Maine’s economy than any other industry. At the same time, almost 8 million acres have been certified as sustainably managed, protecting wildlife and water resources. Moreover, Maine’s forest landowners have maintained the state’s tradition of permitting public access to their lands for recreation.  This is the phenomenal asset that Keeping Maine’s Forests seeks to conserve for future generations.


KMF is a proactive partnership of nearly 30 members from diverse backgrounds who believe that a healthy forest economy and a healthy ecosystem go hand in hand.

The coalition envisions a future Maine Woods that is a mix of privately owned, sustainably managed working forests (some of which is protected by conservation easements), and both private and public lands that are conserved to protect unique ecological values. This mix will help assure the vitality of the forest products industry while it sustains a healthy and intact forest ecosystem, supports local communities, protects valuable habitat, and assures public access for recreation for generations to come.

KMF is a forum to shape this common vision.

Through KMF, those who care about the future of the Maine Woods can share information and resources, promote sustainable forest management and conservation, improve stewardship of forest lands, and speak with one voice to state and federal elected officials.

KMF’s goals are to:

Who is Keeping Maine's Forests? 

KMF’s membership represents large forest landowners, forest-dependent businesses, recreation interests, Maine tribes, education and advocacy groups, land conservation and wildlife interests, and government agencies.

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