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Keeping Maine’s Forests
c/o/ Maine TREE Foundation
P.O. Box 5470
Augusta, ME 04332-5470
Andrew Beahm* and Sally Stockwell, Maine Audubon

John Banks, Penobscot Nation

Mark Berry*, The Nature Conservancy

Keith Bisson and Charlie Spies, Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

Ben Carlisle, Prentiss & Carlisle

Ken Cline, Sierra Club

Jim Connolly, Maine Dept. Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

Betsy Cook, Trust for Public Land

Sarah Demers, Land for Maine’s Future Program

Kate Dempsey and Tom Abello, The Nature Conservancy

Doug Denico, Maine State Forest Service

Tom Doak, Maine Woodland Owners

Chris Fife, Weyerhaeuser, Inc

Tom Duffus, The Conservation Fund

Ken Elowe* and Anna Harris, US Fish & Wildlife Service 

Walter Graff and Steve Tatko, Appalachian Mountain Club

Juan Hernandez and Ben Naumann, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service

Don Kleiner, Maine Professional Guides Association

Marcia McKeague, Katahdin Forest Management

Sarah Medina* and Hannah Stevens, Seven Islands Land Co.

Spencer Meyer, Highstead

David Montague, Downeast Lakes Land Trust 

Robert Perschel and Alec Giffen, New England Forestry Foundation

Rob Riley and Mike Wilson, Northern Forest Center

Stephen Shaler, University of Maine, School of Forest Resources and Advanced Structures & Composites Center

Patrick Strauch*, Maine Forest Products Council

Karin Tilberg, Forest Society of Maine

David Trahan, Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine

Peter Triandafillou, Huber Resources

Walter Whitcomb, Maine Dept. of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry

Henry Whittemore*, Maine TREE Foundation

*Indicates Steering Committee Member

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